Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Parts of a Vernier Caliper

A Caliper is simply a measuring device from a compass to intense instruments such as the vernier caliper acting as an advanced ruler. The vernier caliper uses vernier scale to measure more precisely. This instrument provides different methods of measuring including ways to measure external or internal dimensions as well as finding depth measurements. In fact the depth measurement method of using a movable and slidable probe is so slender that it is able to retrieve data in deep canals.

You have to be familiar with the instrument in order for your to achieve an accurate measurement. Any discrepancy from of measurement even for just a few millimeters will spell success of trouble for you. Machinist are experts on this device. But evenso, they still need to exercise caution.

The lower and upper section of this scale generally uses both inch and metric measurements. Industries use vernier calipers because of its hundredth of a millimeter precision equal to one thousandth of an inch. Below describes the vernier caliper's parts and functions.

Vernier Caliper
The rail (4) allows sliding to occur on the main scale (7) moving the vernier scale (3) while the fixed jaw (11) remains in place so the precise measurement is found. Also, draw back and forth (9) the instrument's jaws (parts 1 and 10) to adjust the caliper. The indicated measurement is found at the left of the vernier scale (3 and 8) either in inches or centimeters. The sliding jaw (9) and the depth probe (5) are connected to and move along with the vernier scale. Deep measurements are taken by the use of the front end of the rail (6).
  1. Inside jaws: Internal length measurements are found by using this part.
  2. Retainer or locking screw: This part blocks the instrument's movable parts in order to transfer between measurement methods easily.
  3. Vernier scale (inch)
  4. Rail (inch)
  5. Depth probe: The part used in order to find depth measurements
  6. Front end of the rail
  7. Main scale (mm)
  8. Vernier scale (mm)
  9. Sliding Jaw
  10. Outside jaws: This part makes measuring external lengths possible.
  11. Fixed Jaw



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  7. Verniercalipers Then the user has to note down the value of measurements on the main scale and the Vernier scale. User can use a simple formula and substitute the values of measurement in the formula to get a 100% accurate measurement of the object placed between the jaws of the device.